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Caçoila Stew Pot

Caçoila Stew Pot

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Cooking with earth.
Clay cookware heats more evenly and keeps food warm longer than metal — most important, the food just tastes different. Made by potters using their own clay, sourced and prepared by themselves. The “caçoila” oven pot is traditionally used to cook stews of all sorts for generations.

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Red clay
(Pot: partly glazed)
(Lid: fully glazed)


Ø 23 x 10 cm

Care Instructions

Please do not clean in the dishwasher. Rinse and let dry completely before storing in closed shelves or cupboards. Take into account this is a porous material, therefore traces of usage will occur. It is suitable for electric or gas stoves, as well as oven dishes and open fires.

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