About our shop

Origem Comum is run by The Home Project Design Studio (THP) and the non profit association Práticas Situadas.

The shop is operated by THP. Each sale contributes to the activities of Origem Comum see what you do here (link to projects).

Handmade Products

We provide consumers direct access to handmade utensils created by artisans and small manufacturers. These products often don't make it into regular shops for reasons such as unpredictable production times, limited stock and their actual price. Our network of artisans is made of small production units – often with only 1 or 2 people involved. Traditional craft production depends on the rhythm of their lives, their health and their agricultural calendar and occupations. The value of handmade products lies in the different phases of labour, which often implies a time consuming process of sourcing and preparing materials before working on the final product. Therefore the time, skills and knowledge applied by the artisan throughout the entire process all play into the (cultural and monetary) value of handmade products.

Fair Prices For All

We believe in fair pricing for all the makers and the user, therefore we work directly with producers and do not practice consignation. The artisans set the price which is the base for our calculations. No discussion. We add our operational costs (including our visits to the craftspeople, transport, photography, website, communication, order follow-up and administration, etc.) and a 15% donation to the association. Portuguese VAT (23%) makes the final consumer price.

Local Natural Materials

Our products are made mainly from natural materials, which are locally sourced whenever possible. Most are also untreated, presented in their natural state. If we treat a product, we favour non-toxic paints or oils from natural and renewable resources.

Sustainable Choice

As object makers, taking care of our planet starts with the local communities impacted by our work. That is why we pay so much attention to the question of origin. We start by visiting the artisans and learn about their skills and experience with certain materials. We prefer locally sourced materials, try to minimise waste, recycle our packaging and use only environmentally safe production methods. From the standpoint of the consumer, our products are a green and ethical alternative to mass produced household items.

How We Sell

In this growing collection you will find products for the everyday. While some we have in stock, some are unique pieces and others are produced on request. Follow our Instagram page and subscribe to our Newsletter to receive updates on exclusive and limited sales.

Thanks for supporting all this.