Ceramics + Fibres, Azores

A creative residency with insular artisans

During 12 days with 7 artisans from the Azorian islands and a potter from Cabo Verde we researched the endless combination of clay and vegetable fibres, through their different processes and know-how.

Our idea for this residence was to create a temporary stage for our group, where the different origins, knowledge and experience of each of us could find a place to develop creative relations.

Along with many conversations and discussions, between knowing and making, the individual reality of each artisan enriched this encounter, finding new aesthetic qualities for these two ancient technologies.

Together we created day-to-day utilities in a variety of containers, bottles for special licor, a new “alguidar” base, vessels, lampshades, along with other new forms of making use of the advantages that come from joining ceramic and fibres.

January 2019, São Miguel, Azores
Centro Regional de Apoio ao Artesanato – Azores
Artisans: Aida Bairos, Cristina Ferreira Bairos, Luís Lopes, Maria Manuela Medeiros, Marina Mendonça, Maria Aurélia Rocha and Bento Silva.
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