Rooted Craft

A research residency in Loulé

The Situated Practices Residency – Rooted Craft is a research project focused on exploring traditional crafts in rural areas using innovative methods. It is deeply connected to the cultural practices of the Algarve region and introduces a fresh perspective on traditional weaving techniques that were once essential for farming, transportation, and household purposes. As natural resources become scarcer and environmental awareness grows, there's a renewed interest in artisanal production and the revival of age-old techniques.

By emphasising sustainability and delving into cultural heritage, the research combines insights from both traditional and modern practices, resulting in a series of inventive experiments and proposals that breathe new life into the conventional art of palm weaving.

Through a deeper comprehension of this unique weaving style and by promoting awareness of the artisanal mindset, we can encourage a critical approach to crafting and designing, while foster values of sustainability in the modern world.

During this three-week residency, we had the pleasure of hosting Evey Kwong (futurprimitiv), a Berlin-based designer, researcher, and craftsperson. Hailing from Malaysia and trained as a graphic designer in Germany, Evey dedicates her time to learning about age-old crafts. She collaborates with master artisans worldwide to document local material cultures and craft techniques.

All this happened during the Práticas Situadas exhibition.

Invited resident: Evey Kwong (Futurprimitiv), Berlin, Germany.
Venue: Palácio Gama Lobo, Loulé, Portugal
May-June 2023
In partnership with Loulé Criativo, Municipality of Loulé, Portugal

Photos: Evey Kwong (Futurprimitiv)

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