Architecture and Craft in Lisbon - Workshop

A group of architecture students from the University of Augsburg recently visited Lisbon for a five-day trip. Their objective was to gain insights into our work methodology as designers within the context of craft practices and to explore the city's architectural landmarks.

One of the highlights of the trip was a bulrush workshop with artisan Manuel Ferreira at the Museu de Arte Popular. The students also had the opportunity to visit the "Um cento de cestos" (One hundred baskets) exhibition where they learned about traditional techniques and applications of plant fibres.

The trip concluded with an evening of reflection in our studio, where we discussed current architectural and design practices and how traditional knowledge can contribute to their improvement. The students were then tasked with processing these ideas and presenting practical proposals based on their experiences.

Thanks to the National Museum of Ethnology for their support and cooperation.

Lisbon, Portugal, 2023
Organization: Origem Comum
Participant: Architecture Course - University For Applied Science Augsburg (Germany)
Acknowledgements: Katinka Temme, National Museum of Ethnology.

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