Our Studio is dedicated to products’ development, experimental interventions and consulting; it is a pronouncedly pragmatic work area aiming to create new useful products whilst working closely with strategies for local and regional development.
Onsite residencies and workshops for artisans’ provisions, with craft associations’ support result in ancestral techniques’ reinterpretations and use of locally sourced raw materials. Together we develop special commissions and new collections, which always draw on vernacular practices.

Creative Residency for artisans 1

A 3 weeks residency with 18 artisans in Mindelo, Cape Verde. A hands-on format to discuss and exchange techniques among artisans, explore materials and introduce new shapes or alternate existing. The aim to enrich the artisans individual experiences and ambitions, to reflect on the importance of material choices in vernacular production. Small lectures and informal talks resulted in discussions on how to communicate and position products with the local economy.

This workshop format became the pilot for an annual crafts residency at CNAD to strengthen craft production in Cape Verde. A bilingual catalogue is documenting the process and outcome. (Available in EN/PT on request )

partner: Centro Nacional de Artesanato e Design de Cabo Verde
consulting: Susana António, Albio Nascimento, Kathi Stertzig,
artisans: Ana Lina Monteiro, Arlindo Fortes, Wilson da Luz (Billy), Carlos Lopes, Carlos Silva, João Brito, João Reis, Jorge Soares, José Mota, Luís Lopes, Marcelino dos Santos, Maria Fernandes Reis, Maria Teresa Varela (Lucy), Miguel Fortes, Natália Santos, Nelson Fortes, Paulo Rodrigues, Renato Delgado, Simplício Silva.
graphic design catalogue: Joana & Mariana

Creative Residency for artisans 2

Fibres and Ceramics in Azores – Workshop Format @CRAA, Azores This 2 weeks workshop aimed to create new utilities that combine ceramics and natural fibres. New pieces emerged by discussing techniques and functional aspects of how to merge these two diverse material groups. During two weeks the participants prototyped a collection of useful tableware and home accessories by articulating new shapes and enhancing individual techniques. Moreover, this workshop created exchange and vivid – ongoing- collaborations among all 7 artisans.

January 2019, São Miguel, Açores

partner: Centro Regional de Apoio ao Artesanato – Açores
consulting: Albio Nascimento, Kathi Stertzig
artisans: Aida Bairos, Cristina Ferreira Bairos, Luís Lopes, Maria Manuela Medeiros, Marina Mendonça, Maria Aurélia Rocha, Bento Silva

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