Tanho stool


Sitting on soft natural fibres

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It is unknown since when bunho (bulrush) furniture is made in Portugal. It is known that it first appeared in Nazaré and Santarém, places where the last three artisans still work. The bunho provides habitat for several aquatic species and contributes to the quality of water in the wet and swampy areas where it grows. It is a light, smooth and long-lasting fibre.

Dimensions: Ø 45 x 40 cm (approximately)
Material: 100% Bulrush (Scirpus lacustris) (locally sourced)
Handmade in Santarém, Portugal.


Care info
All our items made with vegetable fibres are unvarnished. We suggest removing dust with a dry brush. Stains, in some cases, can be cleaned by brushing the spot with vinegar and warm water. Make sure it is stored in a dry place to avoid moisture.

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