Rag rug #5


Carpets made from clothes

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Leftover textiles are cut up in thin strips and transformed into colourful rugs, with infinitive color combinations. This one was made in the experienced looms of the Weaving Museum in Mértola.

(unique piece)
Dimensions: 180 x 54 cm
Material: Recycled textile
Handwoven in Vila Nova de Poiares, Portugal.


Care info
Vacuum and ventilate the rug regularly. Washing: Rag rugs are made of different textile leftovers, which can result in different behaviour during washing. We recommend hand wash and air dry. If you prefer to wash in the machine we would advise to use a maximum temperature of 40 degrees (celsius) and a delicate washing program. Dry on a flat surface. If necessary iron the rug to straighten the shape.

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