Fine Clay plates


An everyday set for two

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This set is part of the collection “Fine Red Clay” which explores the limits and properties of plain red clay. By an acutely thin hand throwing and a carefully controlled firing process, the pieces become extremely light and resistant. A process that fosters a refinement of terracotta into something akin to porcelain or chinaware. This set for two is the pioneering materialisation of this process. With a transparent finishing glaze inside we want to reveal the beauty of this natural material. Traces will become part of the ageing process as the pieces are used.

(price for two plates)
Dimensions: Ø 23 x 5,5 cm
Material: Partially glazed red clay
Crafted by Ricardo Lopes and The Home Project Design Studio.


Care info
Dishwasher safe as long as the unglazed parts are dried fully before storage. However we would recommend washing all clay pieces by hand.

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