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With this sales platform we want to provide consumers direct access to handmade utensils from artisans and small manufactures, with fair pricing for both the maker and the user. Therefore we sell directly and do not practice retail prices.

How do we do this?

The value of traditionally handcrafted products, often made with freely accessible raw materials, lies mainly in the labour involved. Manual workmanship may imply sourcing and preparation of materials before working on the final product. The time spent, applied skills and knowledge are accumulated by the artisan in the production price.
After many years of experiences in different contexts. We experimented with establishing pricing methodologies on the community level, including raising prices, all with undesired impacts.

Increasing the value of manual work is a gradual process that needs to involve both producer and consumer. It’s not a one-sided issue.

So our fair price politics today is: what the artisan asks. No discussion. The artisans’ price is the base for our calculations. To that we add 50%, which  covers operational costs (including logistics, photography, communication, order follow-up and administration, etc.) and 10% that are directly re-invested into our platform, as a donation to our association. Portuguese VAT (23%) is added to the final consumer price. 

In this growing collection you will find products for the everyday. While some we have in stock, others are unique pieces and others are produced on request.

Soon we will introduce pre-sale editions. In this case we collect a defined amount of orders before production. We will inform you about the estimated time of delivery in each item’s description.

Thanks for your interest and visit.


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